Friday, June 20, 2003

I am a great uncle. Yep - I said great. My 29 year old niece had her first baby - a lovely young girl by the way. I am only 38, I am too young for this. Anyway, it is cool to be a great uncle.

Has anyone watched Band of Brothers. Wow, what a story. It is the true story of one company of airborne troops in europe in WW2. Between the dramatic segments, the actual men are interviewed. Powerful, poignant and haunting. I recommend it to anyone interested in that sort of thing.

Had a great chat with one of my profs. about preaching. We had b-fast at McDon's and he sahred about Augustine, Chrysostom, Edwards, Barth, Eugene Peterson, etc. about the theological purpose of preaching and what it is meant to accomplish. The gist of it is that preaching is part of the worship of the gathered believing community - it is about God, not us!! Wow - how much preaching have I heard (and done if i was honest) that was human centered rather than God centered. Hmmm.......


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