Saturday, April 24, 2004

I have not blogged for two weeks. Back in the groove now.

I have new glasses and they are bifocals. I am still getting used to them. The reading part on the bottom is really only helpful for super small print. Otherwise I still read normal print fine with regular glasses.

I am re-reading Ordering Your Private World. It is a new edition and quite good. I read it about 20 years ago and I was helped then. The new parts make it better because MacDonald has 20 years more experience under his belt. My wife meets with a group of women called The Order of Saint Brigid. They follow a rule of life and everything. They are reading it. Since it is laying around the house I picked it up for myself.

The date on my ordination to the priesthood is June 22. We will be working on locations and other details in the upcoming weeks.

Fixed the grill last night. The burner had finally burnt out - they do that. Now I am ready for many summer bbq's at the Matthews' house.


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