Monday, May 24, 2004

I got my photos from Cumberland Gap back. I'll figure out some way to post them in the future. When I was at the forts I noticed the landscaping and logs/planks rotting in the ground where they had been originally laid. In the photos these emerge more clearly. Good stuff for Civil War (or The War of Northern Aggression if you prefer) buffs like me.

My 16 month old can say "I love you". This is her first complete sentence. A subject, an object and a verb -- wow :)

The ultra sound person told Trudi she is 80% sure we are having a girl. Trudi feels like she is having a girl. Hence, she is only looking at girl's names at this point. Gara (pronounced "gair-a -- her grandma's middlename) is the middle name we are committed to. We'll see about the first name.

My boys have three days of school left. They begin in mid August and end before Memorial Day. When I was a kid we began at the end of August (some years we did not begin until after labor day) and then ended in early June. Of course, the summer heat kicks in earlier in Kentucky than it does in Iowa. Once that kicks in it is useless to try to teach. All the kids want to do is go outside and play!

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