Monday, September 13, 2004

The election is heating up. Fun stuff in our household. My (and Trudi's) favorite contact sport is politics. The only problem is that I have other things to do -- things which I believe are more important than politics. As a conservative I believe there are things much, much more important than politics, poltical decisions and the life of the political class. There are first things - like faith -- and second and third things like family and culture. I believe the shape and health of these things do more than politics to shape the life of a commonwealth. But politics is still fun :)

I was at a party yesterday with a guy who is a vehement Calvinist and another who is a vehement Wesleyan-Arminian. I don't think they debated. But I was reminded how I don't fall into either one of these camps anymore. I do not know if I will land any particular place. I think I am more interested in particular questions than I am the full sweep of theological systems (that is achange for me by the way). I am interested in Calvin's idea of Union with Christ. Wesley's thoughts on the Eucharist are rich and have deepened my faith. St. Benedict's ideas on work have helped me. Thomas Aquinas' thoughts on natural law are profound. Lancelot Andrewes' understanding of theological authority is this best I have ever heard. Etc. Etc. This is one of the reasons I love beiong Anglican. I do not have to embrace a theological system. We have theological/doctrinal standards which are rooted in classical orthodoxy but not a wholesale system we have to embrace the way -- say -- presbyterians have to do with the Westminster Confession of Faith.


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