Thursday, October 14, 2004


I find myself wanting to assume that someone who has the skills to serve in the senate for as long as Kerry has must be a pretty smart guy. So how does one explain his utter goofiness when it comes to economic questions? Either he does not understand basic principles of economics or he is pandering to get votes. Hmm...

If Kerry gets elected and his economic plan gets put in place, you can say goodbye economic recovery, goodbye lower taxes, goodbye lowering the deficit and hello inflation, hello higher interest rates. Looks like Carterism all over again. Ugh.

Let's take one example. Raising taxes on the wealthy one percent is a foolish error. If the tax rates are raised, those folks will hire excellent lawyers (like Kerry has -- he paid less taxes than Bush even though he is wealthier) and look for tax shelters. Their shelters will protect their money but will take it out of criculation. We need lots of cheap capital for business to expand and job creation to take place. Note this and note this well -- John Kerry will not and cannot create jobs by government fiat. He can't just make a law. Enterprizing individuals need the resources and incentive to start and expaand business so new jobs can be created.

I could go on. But I won't. Kerry saying he will fix these things does not mean he will. His approach has been going on since the New Deal and it hasn't boosted economic growth and created jobs.

Hopefully, if he gets elected, there will be a Republican congress that will stop all his foolishness.

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