Thursday, November 04, 2004


In the interest of not being obsessed, this is my last blog regarding the election. My friends who could care less about politics will get more stuff about church, family, theology, history and good books. All my non-conservative family and friends can quit being irrated at me for supporting Bush.

Here are my post election thoughts:

1. If I was a betting man (and I am not)I would have predicted that the election would have lasted longer than the 2000 debacle. Shows why I am not a betting man! :) I wonder why the polls got it wrong? I am sure the pollsters will be investigating that in the coming days.

2. I wonder how the MSM (Mainstream Media) will fare after the debacles of this election. Blogger's are here to stay!! Very groovy in my book!!

3. I wonder if the democrats will have a massive re-organization of the party. The Michael Moore wing is deeply out of touch with the mainstream of this country. As long as the left controls things they will continue to lose national elections. Here is what I figure: If the democrats would be strong on defense, promote faith and traditional morality and be moderate economically (progressive tax rates, pro-social security, but fiscally conservative and keep tax-rates in general low) they would run the country for a generation. The Joe Lieberman wing should decide who to run for president if they want to win the presidency. Hey -- maybe Lieberman should run!! I might even vote for him.

4. In the interest of honesty: I did split my ticket -- and the other party was democrat. (Hey, political parties are pragmatic constructs. It's the governing philosophy that draws me.)

5. I don't think the campaign was especially mean spirited. Read a little about campaigning in the days of Jefferson and Jackson -- now those were downright mean and nasty campaigns. Now everyone acts like Miss Manner's in comparison!!

6. I started reading Instapundit during the campaign. I really enjoy Reynold's blog. Give it a read --

7. Another find was Classics Professor from Fresno State Victor Davis Hansen. He has deeply shaped my views on the war on terror. He is a populist democrat who is also a hawk -- kind of like the Truman, Kennedy, Bayh kind of democrat. He writes good stuff. Give him a google and check out his website.

That's it for now. I sign off for four years until the entertaining world of presidential politics emerges again.

Next blog will be about Anglicanism -- I haven't written anything about the Windsor report.


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