Saturday, November 27, 2004


Just arrived home from three days in Charlottesville, VA. My sister and her husband and my niece, her husband and her daughter all live there. Good fun, good food, great town and area.

It is a solid nine hour trip from Wilmore/Lexington, KY to Charlottesville,
VA for us. We have to stop for one nursing for Shelby and then an actual get out of the car and sit down meal -- another feeding fro Shelby and therapy for Ainsley before she goes nuts in the carseat.

The drive back was uneventful except that Rees obtained a bloody nose by colliding with Dylan in the back seat. Not much pain or complaint on Rees' part but he bled all over the van. Looks like a bloody brawl took place!! The result of a 7 year old boy casually sauntering to the front of the van to inform us he was bleeding while allowing the gusher to flow while he came to the front.

The joys of family travel!!


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