Thursday, March 31, 2005


You know -- I not really into most of the music out right now. I think the last few years of the 90's had some good stuff, but things have taken a downturn lately. So I decided to do something about it -- I bought an old CD. Any Matthew Sweet fan's out there? I first got into Sweet with 100% Fun -- a good solid CD with the single "Sick of Myself". I love the opening line:

"You don't know how you move me, deconstruct me and consume me"

This time I reached farther back and bought GIRLFRIEND. What can I say -- this CD rocks! The whole CD is good, but the buy was worth the song "Girlfriend". Sweet has this great way of combining garage band style rock and roll with very intelligent and darkly humorous lyrics. On "Girlfriend" he reaches into what must have been his own adolescent angst and sings to a girl that is not his that he wants her to be his girlfriend. Nothing more profound than that. But that is what makes it great!

GIRLFRIEND was released in 1991. It's 14 years old now. But it is still fresh and still worth listening to. Give it a try.

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peter milner said...

Matthew Sweet is amazing.
I love him, and I am studying to be a priest in the AMIA.
we gotta talk
Peter Milner