Monday, January 09, 2006

A History Quiz -- The Answer

And the answer is ................ Abraham Lincoln.

Yep, no joking. In fact I just skimmed the surface with the items I mentioned. He also had Congressman Vallandigham of Ohio deported to Canada for criticizing Lincoln's TAX policy at a Democratic Party Rally. He had numerous Newspaper editors and reporters jailed for opposing his policies. The list goes on.

What Lincoln did makes anything Bush has done look amateurish. Of course the standard interpretation is that he had to do it to save the Constitution. My take is that the combination of Lincoln's natural political and intellectual genius, the fact that slavery ended (a profoudly good thing) under his administration and his assasination have combined to make Lincoln such an icon that we often ignore or are ignorant of the profoundly tyrannical and dictorial things he did.

History is never as neat as the 8th grade history books present it.

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