Monday, April 17, 2006

Alleluia. Christ is Risen ...The Lord is Risen Indeed. Alleluia

I am officially back to blogdom. Lent is over -- Easter is here. Now the journey to Ascension and Pentecost begin.

Holy Week is the best week of the year. I love it. Although I am exhausted. Not in the way someone who has been harvesting corn for a week is exhausted. I am mentally and emotionally spent. Time to recharge the batteries. Of course this is typical for a priest. I wouldn't trade the privilege of what I get to do for anything!

So now for a couple of days of napping, reading, maybe a long drive somewhere (I'm wierd, I find that renewing -- maybe seeing the new scenery is what does it). And then back to the joy and privilege of leading a great community of Christians to worship God.

If you want to see some of our holy week pics go to Saint Patricks Church and click photos. There you will find Palm Sunday pics. Bryan S. has some great pics of our Easter Vigil

Christ is risen!!

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