Monday, August 14, 2006

Time To Blog

Well -- I guess I better blog. Hmm...what about?

Dylan and Rees start school on Wednesday. So soon; so soon.

Ainsley and Shelby are at a new daycare. I like it, they like and Trudi likes it -- I think we'll like it.

Rees wants to buy an electric guitar -- he has been showing his rendition of popular Greenday songs.

Dylan bought a 20.00 brimmed beanie -- skateboarding is the new reality for him.

Trudi has been working much lately. She is overseeing a board that is going to implement e-health in Kentucky. This way all our records and such will be elctronic. According to her it will save millions. one of the steps to lowering healthcare costs.

I hate yardwork. Gotta do it tonight. Eeek.


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