Sunday, January 21, 2007

Liturgy and the Great Commission

The Great Commission begins with Jesus informing the disciples that, "All authority in heaven and earth" had been given to him. Christ's authority is the basis and end of the commission. The commission commands us to make disciples of King Jesus. At the heart of Christian discipleship is bowing the knee to King Jesus.

The liturgy is the public and corporate way disciples pay homage to King Jesus. In the Scripture we hear the words of the covenant that frame our life as subjects of King Jesus. At the table we come to receive life from King Jesus who is -- as the book of Revelation reminds us over and over again -- the Lamb on the throne. By the action of the Holy Spirit we are drawn into the heavenly temple on the heavenly Mount Zion. Gathered before the throne we fulfill one aspect of the Great Commission. We exhibit for ourselves and for the world that all authority belongs to Jesus.

UPDATE: Here is a painting by Jan van Eyck that illustrates what I am saying on this post.

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