Tuesday, January 16, 2007

New Look...Renewed Focus

As you can see, the blog has a new title and a new look. The title comes from a friend of mine who has my phone number listed in his phone as "guitarpriest." I like the ring of that (no pun intended). The new look is intended as a way to inspire me to write on the blog more. The new title is meant to refocus the blog on the issue I am most passionate about -- catholic Christianity as defined by the words of the good Bishop of Bath noted in my heading.

I decided I need a focus to help me post more regularly and to help readers decide if they want to look at my blog on a regular basis. Now look for postings about liturgy, sacraments, holy orders, church history. Especially look for how these things intersect with current church life, the mission of the church and free church evangelicalism.

"Quod semper, quod ubique,et quod ab omnibus."


Bryan said...

Wow, good stuff! Love the new look!

+ Alan said...

Looks very nice. And you can certainly play the geetar. I haven't heard it enough lately though. We need to enact that jam session thing we talked about.

And now, we need to get you an RSS feed. We'll get you fixed up. Peace.