Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I believe in the Church as a Counter-Culture

Yesterday I wrote about being a neo-Calvinist. N.C.'s believe all of life and all human instutions are sphere where God's kingdom works.

I am also a church as counter-culture/church as alternative polis guy.

I know this sounds contradictory. But think the two views are complimentary.

The church as counter-culture/alternative polis when taken alone can ignore (in my view) the doctrine of creation and the reality that Jesus owns every inch of the universe and every inch of life. The N.C. view when taken alone can ignore the reality of the fall and our desperate need for redemption -- (update) carried out in the context of the Church as the Kingdom community

My icon for the synthesis of the two views is William Wilberforce. Wilberforce was a late 18th and early 19th century member of the british parliament. Wilberforce worked tirelessly in the parliament to end the slave trade in Britain. Wilberforce did this as kingdom of God person and as a manifestation of his vocation as a Christian. At the same time, Wilberforce was unswerving in his commitment to sabbath and worship with the believing community. He knew the siren song of power continually sang out to him and tempted him to crash on the rocks of power and prestige. Only stepping away into the alternative world and story of the church could he be formed as the kind of person who could remain faithful in the world of British politics.

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