Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Church I Pastor

I am pastor/priest of a great church.

  • They love and respect me and my family.
  • They give me room to be a healthy person.
  • They love God.
  • They desire to be led into mission.
  • They are fun to be with.
  • They forgive my of my foibles -- especially me struggles with being "administratively challenged."
  • They love my kids -- and do kind things for them.
  • They have servant hearts.

The list could on ...

Thanks St. Patrick's.


MattJP said...

Peter, I realized at the Close retreat how cool the people I go to church with are. I wish I had more time here to try to develop some friendships with other people in our congregation. It will be very hard to find another church like St. Patrick's and I thank you and everyone else for making it such a great place to worship God and grow in grace.

Adam Gonnerman said...

It must be nice.