Saturday, June 30, 2007

Baptismal Regeneration 4 -- A Caveat

I better put this caveat in place before this series goes farther.

I believe in inward renewal by the Holy Spirit. The goal of this series is to make the case that when the New Testament speaks of new birth/regeneration the language is status language not (correction -- not about a momentary, individualist experience of renewal) renewal language. This is not a series about experience with God it is about how we script that experience.

My intention is not to denigrate anyones experience with the Lord or to deny anyones conversion experience. These are sacred realities. (I had a profound conversion experience days before my 18th birthday.) Again, I want to re-think how we script these realities and whether new birth/regeneration language is the proper descriptor of these experiences.

(I hope I don't regret this!)

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