Friday, June 15, 2007

Wilson to Hitchens -- Victory on the Cross

Christopher Hitchens, journalist, author, talking head, critic of all things religious and author of the recently published God is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything, recently carried on a debate with Presbyterian Pastor Doug Wilson over at Christianity Today entitled Is Christianity Good for the World.

In his last post to Hitchens, Wilson wrote these words about the victory of the Cross. Enjoy.

Jesus was not just one more character in history, however important—rather, he was and is the founder of a new history, a new humanity, a new way of being human. He was the last and true Adam. But before this new humanity in Christ could be established and begin its task of filling the earth, the old way of being human had to die. Before the meek could inherit the earth, the proud had to be evicted and sent away empty. That is the meaning of the Cross, the whole point of it. The Cross is God’s merciful provision that executes autonomous pride and exalts humility. The first Adam received the fruit of death and disobedience from Eve in a garden of life; the true Adam bestowed the fruit of his life and resurrection on Mary Magdalene in a garden of death, a cemetery. The first Adam was put into the death of deep sleep and his wife was taken from his side; the true Adam died on the cross, a spear was thrust into his side, and his bride came forth in blood and water. The first Adam disobeyed at a tree; the true Adam obeyed on a tree. And everything is necessarily different.

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