Tuesday, September 25, 2007

David Fitch on the Mega-Church: A Must Read

David Fitch, author of The Great Giveaway writes,

In truth, anything that happens positively in the mega church gets caught up in the magnifying effects of the mega machine, and makes it seem 100 times bigger than it is. But what if we took 15 or 20 thousand people gathered in smaller church bodies across N. America, spending much less time and energy on facilities, salaries, management, and add up all the salvations, engagements for Christ's justice, WHICH WOULD BE BIGGER? I want to plead for some sanity in the way we think about success in the N. American church context.

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Alice C. Linsley said...

Mega church dynamics are a little like crowd hysteria. And isn't it so American to think that bigger is better? Yet Jesus started with only 12.

Today I heard a powerful sermon by the Anglican Archbishop of Uganda, Henry Orombi, who made it clear that numbers, like property, are by-products of obedient, Spirit-directed lives. They are not the goal.