Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Encouraging Photo

This is an encouraging photo of a group of American Anglican Bishops from different jurisdictions together. I pray this is a picture of the future.

The Bishop second from left is Chuck Murphy, Saint Patrick's Church Bishop.


Samuel Lago said...

I can proudly say that my grandfather, Colin Bazley, former Bishop of Chile and former Primate of the Southern Cone, was present and participated in the consecrations.

Indeed, this picture does seem to signal that God is mercifully working things out within the Anglican communion, to the Glory of His name. May it be!

Kyle said...

+Minns always looks like a total badass on those round sunglasses, doesn't he?

And they'd have to be pretty bad men (and worse bishops) to have in mind anything but collegiality for the future Anglican jurisdiction that they're going to be.


Peter said...

Hah!! Yeah -- he does. He has a definite Sean Connery cast about him.

Alice C. Linsley said...

What strikes me is the joy! I've seen so little joy among Episcopalians.