Thursday, February 28, 2008

Civil War Ancestry

One of my hobbies is to read military history. I am especially interested in Civil War history.

One of my Great-Grandfathers, Christopher H. Prosser (My mother's maternal grandfather) was a Civil War veteran. He served in Company H of the Iowa 36th Volunteer Infantry. His regiment spent the bulk of its service in Arkansas.

Above is a picture his regimental flag.

Any other Civil War descendents out there?


+ Alan said...

Yep here - times at least 3 that I know of. Two GG-Grandfathers in Harlan, Kentucky were in the same Harlan County Batallion (home guard unit for the Union Army), one in Company C and the other in Company B. On my Mother's side my GG-Granfather Hopkins was a Confederate soldier in Virginia, I think, in the Cavalry. I'll have to check my Uncle about him, to see the details about his service. He did name his son, though, my G-Grandfather, Robert Lee Hopkins - hee hee.

Peter said...

My dad's grandpa was in the Union Cavalry and went on raids in Southwestern Virginia. Maybe your G-G-Grandpa and my G-Grandpa shot at each other.

I'll post on him later.

Matt Perkins said...

I have a G-G-grandpa on my mom's side who was a Union soldier. My aunt has a picture of him in his uniform. Unfortunately I don't know any details.

Matt P said...

I had a relative fight at fort sumter. Not sure who. Also I think there was another one who was a drummer as the Union troops marched. I don't think he lasted too long.

Michael Kruse said...

2GG William Cotton Holmes – from MA served in the Washington DC infantry unit

2GG Willam Halford – Union TN mounted infantry unit. (Brother Joseph died in Andersonville prison.)

2GG William Edward Young – NY Cavalry. Bull Run.

3GG James Young – NY Infantry

3GG John Bromley – NY Infantry

2GG Henry Jasper Smith – IN Artillery

3GG English Lafayette Yates – Confederate TX Cavalry

2GG Andrew N. Morris – Confederate TX Cavalry

BTW, did I mention how much I love this stuff!