Thursday, June 12, 2008

Another Favorite Painting

I am a Van Gogh fan. The best way to view his work is up close in a museum. There is a texture and dynamism to his work that you can almost taste and feel.

The Starry Night is one of my Van Gogh favorites. It moves me. I must admit that I am not sure if it is just the painting itself that moves me or if it is its association with the Don McLean song "Vincent" (which is a very touching song).


bryansherwood said...

Yeah, I'm a fan too. I have a printed copy of Starry Night hanging on my cubicle wall at work. I think I'm touched by it because of Van Gogh's struggle with depression and the kinship I feel with that.


#Debi said...

I actually have a bit of trivia about Van Gogh, too. He's also one of my favorite painters. Did you know that one reason (maybe THE reason) that he suffered from mental illness was that he ate paint? He used to suck on his brushes, and the paint back then all had lead in it. He was suffering from lead poisoning!