Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Obama Campaign as a Sign of a Culture in Need of God

The Obama candidacy is a sign of a culture in desperate need of God. I have never seen this degree of hope, faith and religious fervor placed on a candidate. What is sad is that he will disapoint. This is not a comment on Obama's character nor on his stances. If you read this blog, you can easily infer that I am not an Obama supporter. This is post is about being for or against Obama. It is about the sadness of people who place hope that should only be placed in Jesus Christ in a politician. Obama is a finite and sinful man. He will not live up to any of these hopes.

I recognize that the argument can be made that this is just an ad and so is necessarily over the top rhetorically. Fair enough. But if that is that case, then I cannot but conclude that those who made it are acting in a dangerously cynical manner. That is even more disturbing.

Watch this and see what you think:

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Anonymous said...

Wow, I usually shy away from saying the left is socialist, but this ad is making me think twice. Socialism works by making the state the religion of the people. Therefore a perfect society is the "promised land" of socialism. It is placing all the hopes of salvation on government. Also, Holywood is a bunch of freakin hypocrits. They have contributed to the secularization of sexual ethics and the disorder of family units. Also creating violent films while talking about peace. So that's my soap box for 2008.