Thursday, September 11, 2008

Remembering 9/11

Multi-culturalism (the idea that all cultures are equally good and equally valid) was completely discredited 7 years ago today. The four airliners that plowed into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and a Pennsylvania field are vivid reminders that radical Islam and the culture(s) that produced it are deeply diseased and must not -- must not -- be allowed to dominate the world stage.

A decision contunues to lie before the West. Do we want freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, equal rights and economic well being to spread throughout the world or do we want sharia, hanging of homosexuals, covered women and executions for adultery to dominate.

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#Debi said...

Amen. I was a bit amazed at myself today when listening to the tributes played on the radio. They played audio of some of the newscasts of that day, and I found myself weeping as if it were just happening. I don't think about it on a daily basis, but when I'm reminded, it hurts my heart for those people and their families.