Friday, June 27, 2003

Wrapping up a one week intensive at Asbury. The class is Technology in Ministry. It has been fun. We have made powerpoint presentations - I made one using the song Acoustic #3 by John Rzeznik (Goo Goo Dolls). We made a film and had to put to gether a multimedia service.

Two things came up for me this week. One, how can this technology be used in a way that is interactive and fosters community - I am thinking specifically while a worship gather is taking place. Two, the readings come out of church growth thinking (the pragmatic, marketing side, not the more reflective missiological side that McGavran worked on). How can one be missional (rather than church growth oriented) and use media technology in fruitful and worshipful ways?

My five year old boy (Rees) lost his first tooth. You know how kids are, when they lose a tooth they love it - if I lost one I'd be ashamed to go in public!!

A friend of Dylan (my nine year old) gave him a PSone Playstation. His friend is two grades ahead of him and said he did it because Dylan is such a good friend. Way to be Dylan!!

Trudi has been deathly busy, but I must brag on her. She and her team at Council of State Governments (Health Policy Group) are joining in with some major scholar, bigwig types to work on health literacy (see her blog). It's a big deal and yes, I am engagning in shameless boasting. :)

Ainsley is getting bigger - wow.

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