Friday, July 04, 2003

I am reading a book entitled "Girl Meets God" - anybody read it? It's by Lauren Winner. It's the story of her conversion to orthodox Judaism and then to Christianity (in her case Anglicanism). It is a funny, poignant and really well written book. I highly recommend it.

I saw the movie "American History X" the other night. I liked, although there is some brutal stuff in it - not for the faitnhearted. It stqars Edward Norton. He is a teenager whose firefighter dad is killed while trying to put out a fire at a crack house. Norton's character, in his rage and grief, becomes a skinhead (a nazi basically). The story arrated by his younger brother who is beginning to follow in his footsteps. A teacher gives him the assignment of writing a paper about his older brother in an attempt to get him to see the folly and evil of being a skinhead. Won't spoil it. I recommend it - but there is some graphic violence and brutal sexuality.

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