Wednesday, September 17, 2003

In the book he co-wrote with Marva Dawn, The Unnecessary Pastor, Eugene Peterson penned these words regarding ordination vows:

" ordination vows had functioned for the past forty years as pitons, pegs driven firmly into the vertical rock face (stretching between heaven and earth) on which Christian ministry is played out. Vows are pegs, protection against moods and weather, miscalculation and fatigue."

On September 25 I will be, as the Prayer Book states, "made a deacon." These are the vows I will be taking. Please pray that I take them with integrity and let them protect me until I leave this life to be with Christ.

And before the Gospel, the Bishop, sitting in his chair, shall examine every one of them that are to be Ordered, in the presence of the people, after this manner following
DO you trust that you are inwardly moved by the Holy Ghost to take upon you this Office and Ministration, to serve God for the promoting of his glory, and the edifying of his people?
Answer. I trust so.
The Bishop.
DO you think that you are truly called, according to the will of our Lord Jesus Christ, and according to the Canons of this Church, to the Ministry of the same?
Answer. I think so.
The Bishop.
DO you unfeignedly believe all the Canonical Scriptures of the Old and New Testament?
Answer. I do believe them.
The Bishop.
WILL you diligently read the same unto the people assembled in the Church where you shall be appointed to serve?
Answer. I will.
The Bishop.
IT appertaineth to the Office of a Deacon, in the Church where he shall be appointed to serve, to assist the Priest in Divine Service, and specially when he ministereth the holy Communion, and to help him in the distribution thereof; and to read Holy Scriptures and Homilies in the Church; and to instruct the youth in the Catechism; in the absence of the Priest to baptize infants; and to preach, if he be admitted thereto by the Bishop. And furthermore, it is his Office, where provision is so made, to search for the sick, poor, and impotent people of the Parish, to intimate their estates, names, and places where they dwell, unto the Curate, that by his exhortation they may be relieved with the alms of the Parishioners, or others. Will you do this gladly and willingly?
Answer. I will so do, by the help of God.
The Bishop.
WILL you apply all your diligence to frame and fashion your own lives, and the lives of your families, according to the Doctrine of Christ; and to make both yourselves and them, as much as in you lieth, wholesome examples of the flock of Christ?
Answer. I will so do, the Lord being my helper.
The Bishop.
WILL you reverently obey your Ordinary, and other chief Ministers of the Church, and them to whom the charge and government over you is committed, following with a glad mind and will their godly admonitions?
Answer. I will endeavour myself, the Lord being my helper.
Then the Bishop laying his hands severally upon the head of every one of them, humbly kneeling before him, shall say,
TAKE thou Authority to execute the Office of a Deacon in the Church of God committed unto thee; In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.
Then shall the Bishop deliver to every one of them the New Testament, saying,
TAKE thou Authority to read the Gospel in the Church of God, and to preach the same, if thou be thereto licensed by the Bishop himself.

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