Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Trudi is out of town hosting a health policy forum in Newport, Rhode Island and then she will to fly to Washington, D.C. to present at another meeting. She left Sunday morning and returns Friday evening. A long week, but now that I am out of school my schedule is more managable and so being mister mom is not quite as stessful as it could be.

Sunday evening Dylan, Rees and I had pizza and watched America's Funniest Home Videos with TV trays. The TV trays were the big hit for two boys who are always being told to eat and drink in the dining room.

I remember when my family got our first TV trays (it was in the '60s). We watched the Wonderful World of Disney that night. Ah yes, the orientation of the American family around the TV set - it has certainly shaped my existence. :)

Had a good time worshipping Sunday morning. Afterwards a number of us hung out for over two hours. Very pleasurable.

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