Friday, October 17, 2003

Well, the meeting is over. The Primates released their statement. I think it could be read two ways. Either it is encouraging because the primates stated that the practice and teaching of ECUSA is wrong and that consecrating Gene Robinson could "tear the fabric" of the communion. That sounds good. On the other hand, they didn't do anything. Only the 38 in that room know what went on. Did the orthodox get detoured by the snaky tactics of some of our revisionist primates? Did they lose courage? I certainly don't know.

My hope is that everyone wanted to leave and regroup. There is word that 15 - 18 national churches will break with the communion if Robinson is consecrated. We shall see.

Since I am part of the Anglican Mission and under the pastoral authority of Archbishop Emmanuel Kolini of Rwanda I have a bit of distance from the things going on in ECUSA. But these issues are important to all Anglicans and, at least I would argue, all Christians.

One of the larger issues that will have farther reaching implications is the way leaders of the global south - especially Africa - have stood up to the arrogant and narcissistic western church. If Phillip Jenkins (author of The Next Christendom) is correct, the center of 21st Christianity will be in the global south - Africa, Asia, Latin America. I have already thrown my hat in the ring with the global southern leaders. The Plano meeting was a call to the global south to rescue orthodox Episcopalians. When will these same kinds of things happen with the Methodists, Presbyterians, etc? An aquaintance of mine asked a Bishop in Nigeria if he could go to Nigeria and work. The Bishop told him to stay in the US. You know why? They (Nigerians) don't think Nigeria is the mission field any longer - the think the USA is!! I, for one, think they are right!!!

Kyrie Elieson, Christe Elleson, Kyrie Elieson

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