Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Ainsley is better, but Trudi and I have what I think is the flu - the real flu - achey, very low grade fever (for Trudi and I) and stuffy head. Maybe it is a cold, but the boys are running fevers that won't shut down. No one is so sick that we cannot, for instance get any work done, or the boys can't watch old movies or play Play Station. We have more of a constantly nagging sickness that keeps us at home so we won't spread anything. Ugh...

I have been reading a book called The Lamb's Supper by Scott Hahn. Hahn is a former Presbyterian Pastor who converted to Roman Catholicism. He is a Professor of Biblical Studies and Theology at Stuebenville University. The book is a look at the liturgy and its biblical foundations. Hahn primarily looks at the Book of Revelation as a revelation of the worship that is going on in heaven. It is an excellent book. My only beef is that Hahn throws in tidbits of RC propaganda. I am not offended by that, he is RC and believes everyone else should be as well. The beef is that Lutherans, some Methodists, Orthodox and Anglicans also worship using the ancient liturgy. I am an Anglican and the pattern and theology of worship he outlines is what I believe about worship. Anyway, if you want to understand the Eucharistic Liturgy and its Biblical basis, give the The Lamb's Supper: Mass as Heaven on Earth a Read. It is an excellent and very readable book.

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