Monday, March 08, 2004

This past weekend was a banner time in my life. My good friend Jonathan Moore was a married to the lovely Megan Rollins (now Moore). I have known Jonathan for 22 years and he has always been my single (not only but unmarried) friend. Although he has always wanted to be married and everyone else has, it just hasn't taken place. Well now it did and it was good. One of the best weddings I've been to. We had four clergy - me, Jonathan's dad, Billy Kenney and Troy Nesbitt. Jonathan's dad is a retired Methodist minister, Billy is one of the pastors of Communality - an urban ministry in Lexington, Troy pastor's Cornerstone Church in Ames, IA and I the pastor at St. Patrick's Anglican in Lexington. Talk about clergy overload - but it was actually great.

The high point was after the vows - Billy served Holy Communion to the couple and then Jon and Megan, as their first act together a a married couple, served the broken body and shed blood to Christ to all of us. Very, very powerful and moving.

Troy is the guy that I worked with in Iowa in campus minstry and then the planting of Cornerstone Church. He and Jonathan have known each other since high school - they are in their forties and I hit the big 40 this coming summer - that will give you a sense of how long we have known each other. The three of us being together was a great reunion.

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