Thursday, April 01, 2004

I went to the eye doctor at noon. Got my eyes dilated - man I hate that. The sun was killing my eyes. It finally wore off so now I can get on the computer. Ugh!!

Bought new glasses - they come with clip on shades and - get this - they are bifocals. Yep, I'll be forty in August and my eyes show it (as well as my hair and bod, but those are for other bloggings).

I have been renting old war movies all week. I think I have finally recovered from seminary and am re-learning the art of relaxation. For five years I lived every waking moment with the dreaded sense that a book needed to be read or a paper needed to be written. Though I have been done for 8 months, it has taken time for my mind and body to catch up with the reality. I must say it feels good to not have be doing productive stuff all the time.

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