Monday, July 05, 2004

Well - it has been a month since i last blogged. No more promises to blog. Truth be known -- i do not enjoy blogging. It is a nice thing, but why on earth do i feel guilty about not writing on a website given to me for free so that an internet company can make money putting ads on top of my musings. It's like Christmas cards. People live with perpetual guilt over not sending Xmas cards -- as though a command came from Mt. Sinai to send the dang things. Someone invented the cards, stroked our consciences -- result -- instant market -- $$$$$$$. Same is true with blogs.

It's my blog and i'll blog when i want too.

Hrrumph -- so there.

By the way. Had a relaxing Independence Day. Did not go to the local firework display. I wasn't in the mood for the crowds. We and our neighbors did light a lot of fireworks in the street. NOW THAT WAS FUN!! Nothing like lighting fires and blowing stuff up!!


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