Monday, August 30, 2004

Monday, monday ... the Mama's and Papa's couldn't trust that day but I love Monday. Why you ask? Monday is my mental health day. No church work and no thinking about church. Oh, don't get me wrong, I am as obsessed with my work as a pastor as any other pastor is. That's why Monday's are mental health days. For my sake, for my family's sake for my church's sake.

Now, just because Monday is a mental health day does not mean I will not work -- no, no, no. Carl Perkins wrote the sleeper hit "Honey Don't". Well, Monday's are the opposite for me -- honey do!! Gotta do more work on the bathroom and put together the new bikes we purchased for Dylan and Rees.

Oh yeah -- I also get to hang out with the other woman in my life. Ainley, my 1 year old daughter. Delightful!!

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