Thursday, November 18, 2004


That's the title of James Webb's new book. It is a popular ethnography of the Scots-Irish. (That's Scots, not Scotch - Irish -- scotch is a drink!!).

Pretty fascinating stuff! Of course I was interested because I have big bunch of that Scots-Irish blood flowing in my veins and a whole lot of the Scots-Irish culture in my habits and outlooks.

Webb traces the story of the Scots-Irish from the ancient Celts, to William Wallace (so that's why Braveheart is one of my favorite movies!), to the Scots who emigrated to Ulster (N. Ireland) to America and then to Appalachia. Appalachia is home base for the Scots-Irish. From there they fanned out through the country.

Get the book. Give it a read. Especially if you are an old Celt/Scots-Irish like me.


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