Wednesday, March 16, 2005


LUTHER -- It came out about a year ago. Not a blockbuster by any means. It is nicely done though and faithfully captures some of the Luther Story. I especially appreciated how the film brought out that the political leaders who supported Luther were not just cynical politicians but were also men who were concerned about the state of their souls. That detail makes the story more true to its own time.

RAY -- I can't remember if it won any oscars (I don't really pay attention to the oscars). Great music (what would one expect from Ray Charles?). Only Ray knows how true the story is, but it was nice story telling.

TROY -- I actually saw it in the theatre a number of months ago but Trudi rented it last week so I gave it a watch again. What can I say. Great cinematography. Brad Pitt is the single most overratted actor in hollywood. They butchered the story -- turned it into an angst ridden secularized version of an Ancient Greek Myth. I don't think Achilles was so inwardly torn about killing -- all in days work don't you know. If you like Greek Myths you will probably have to watch it, but it is not a great film. Oops, almost forgot -- Peter O'Toole turns in a masterful performance.

MICKEY -- A family film written by John Grisham. Low budget indy film. All about the delights of little league baseball. I liked it! No oscars here (but we already established that I don't care about the oscars) but a delightful film. Good for the whole family.

NAPOLEAN DYNAMITE -- I loved it. Very wierd, but the wierdness is its charm. If you haven't seen it get on the bandwagon. If you have tweens and/or teens in your house you have probably heard half the dialogue already. Rent the flippin' thing now -- gosh!!


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