Thursday, September 14, 2006

A Vast Left Wing Conspiracy

I now have incontravertable proof of the left wing bias of the Main Stream Media. Last night, on Dancing With the Stars, conservative talk show host Tucker Carlson was unjustly voted off the show. It was a conspiracy -- pure and simple. First, did you notice that none of the vote counts were given? Second, did you hear Tom B.'s disdainful comment about Tucker voting Republican? Third, did you notice the "red" glow over each contestant that had the possiblity of being voted off? (And they thought we would not notice, ha, it was surely a secret signal to MoveOn.Org!)

I have one word -- conspiracy. Conspiracy pure and simple.

But will you see anything about this on the front page of the New York Times? No! Will Katie mention it on the news tonight? No! Will there be even a passing reference on NPR? No!

I rest my case!

Forget all you have heard about Dan Rather, NPR and Katie Couric. Ann Coulter has it all wrong. These and others are not evidence of the libreal bias of our media. No! It is Tucker! Poor, sad Tucker. Now we know the true "color" of our media!

(Remember the red glow -- hint, hint; nudge, nudge.)

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