Monday, March 12, 2007

Maybe I'm Convergent

A lot of people these days are emergent. Though I have benefited much from those in this world, I have never felt like I fully identified with this movement. Now I think I know what I am -- convergent. Check out the cool picture above from the Communion of Convergence Churches. Four streams converging into one: scripture, spirit, sacrament, and service.

1. Scripture: the evangelical stream. Scripture as the inspired word of God, conversion, a holy life, evangelism.

2. Spirit: the charismatic stream. Open to the Holy Spirit and all his gifts. Trusting God for healing.

3. Sacrament: the catholic stream. The incarnational principle. The historic order of the church. Creation as a good gift from God. The sacraments as means of grace. Worship in liturgy.

4. Service: the social action stream. All arenas life a focus on mission. A priority on serving the poor, the widow, the orphan and the alien as signs of God's future in the Kingdom.

I think I am trying to live my Christian life this way and trying to lead Saint Patrick's Church down this path. I am going to reflect on this.

Any thoughts?


MattJP said...

Hey Peter, looks good. It illustrates all that I love about Anglicanism.

Robert Lancaster said...

That's cool Peter. I was going to say the same thing that matt said. Seems to be Anglicanism - or maybe AMiA + 1. I may have to steal this for my blog.

+ simonas said...

Wow. Can I sign up to be a priest? :)

Peter said...

Yeah -- the AMiA speaks about three streams: scripture, sacrament, spirit. I like the way the CCC overtly adds service. It could be something one assumes, but I think evangelicals who comes into these streams need to be intentional about this stream because we have so often ignored it.

Anonymous said...

I am attending an AMiA fellowship, and this is what I love about it, it brings it all together under one house, one family.

Good job in describing it, love your blog BTW.

Peter said...

Thanks Jim. What fellowship do you attend?

Anonymous said...

Peter, I attend Holy Spirit Anglican in Prattville, Alabama. We are meeting in a home since we are a small fellowship. I also grew up Methodist, later attended an AoG, and then went Baptist once we moved to the south. But for me, the focus on eucharist, and the element of tradition add so much to worship. You really can't dissect it though. It is the combination of these things, along with the people and the working of the Holy Spirit that make it such a wonderful place.

Anonymous said...

Did you know Mike Warnke is a Rt. Rev. Abbot within this new endeavor. Wiki him, then make up your own minds.