Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Univeral Health Plan I Can Get Behind

Finally a universal health care plan I can get excited about -- Healthcare Guaranteed.

The Guaranteed HealthCare Access Plan permits the bearer of a healthcare certificate to exchange it for a defined standard health plan from a participating health insurance company or healthcare provider organization. The Guaranteed HealthCare plan is funded by the Federal government which issues healthcare certificates annually. Every American is eligible to receive a healthcare certificate regardless of age, employment or health status. A participating health plan must agree to accept a certificate in exchange for a standard health plan, as defined by the Federal government, regardless of the health status, pre-existing conditions, age, etc. of the applicant.

Check it out here.


Alice C. Linsley said...

Can a citizen refuse this?

How would universal vouchers be funded?

Peter said...

Drop the tax break for businesses to provide insurance and add a value added tax to the mix.

I think the politics make a plan like this un-doable and I would tweak some things, however this kind of approach is what makes sense to me.