Saturday, August 09, 2003

I've fallen of the blogging wagon again. I think I need to turn this into a spiritual discipline!!

A sad, sad week for Anglicans - and Christians in general. The Episcopal Church has taken an action that contrdicts the clear teachig of scripture and the universal consensus of the church (both historically and curently). The Rev. V. Gene Robinson - a man who left his wife and children and established a sexual relationship with another man - has been elected a bishop in the Church Catholic. Tough times are ahead for Anglicans. Tough times are ahead for the church.

As I have written before - in my June 16 post:

Part of the tragedy is not simply the church moving away from historic Christianity. The tragedy is that now those how hold a biblical view of human of sexuality be will accused of being homophobic and oppressive toward gay Christians. It pains me because I have good friends - good Christian friends - who are gay. Some are struggling to walk in purity, some are committed to obey scripture but still live daily with same sex attractions and some have been transformed. I also have gay friends who are not Christ followers. One thing about all these friends is that I see none of them primarily as "gay". They are persons and friends first. But for those of us who will stand with the traditional understanding of human sexual practice, I fear we will be labeled as purveyors of hate. Oh well. God have mercy.


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