Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Our community is still in Luke 3 - this week the lectionary has us continue with the text we began last week. John calls the crowds to bear fruit worthy of repentance. The crowds ask what they should do. It is interesting that the word for "bear" is the same root of the word that the crowds use when they ask what they should "do". In all three responses John speaks to people who have economic power in that setting - the wealthy (those with surplus), the soldiers (they can muscle people into coughing up money) and tax-collectors (who can charge as much as they want over Rome's requirements). Each are exhorted to use their wealth and position on behalf of others.

Luke presents Jesus' messianic ministry as one of freedom for the poor (among other things). John's preparation for Christ involves calling people to economic repentance.

I really want the truth of this text to sink into my heart - what does it mean for me/us? I have plenty of surplus, yet I realize the economic structures I live with are different than 1st century palestine. So how does it apply? I want to be sure that I do not wiggle out of the squeeze this text puts on my life.

One thing that is more and more clear to me is that in the future Kingdom there will economic justice. The Holy Spirit's role is to bring the life of the future Kingdom into the temporal life of the church. Sooooo.....part of walking in the fullness of the Holy Spirit has to do with economics, money, things, etc.


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