Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Is blogging just another example of our horridly narcissistic culture?

Do you think Michael Jackson is guilty?

I watched Napolean Dynamite -- I laughed, I laughed and I laughed.

The church is not, never was and never will be perfect -- this side of the kingdom of God.

Killians is good cheap beer -- not good beer, good CHEAP beer.

I like being bourgeous, middle class, white bread, normal.

My ancestors would probably disown me for being an Anglican Priest (I am welsh and scots-irish -- the only good englishman is a dead englishman!!)

Having four kids makes you tired all the time.

My wife is going to Washington DC today -- she will be on the hill. Now when people ask me where Trudi is I can so, "Oh, yes, well - she is on the hill."


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